Flower Donors

Here is a list of our current flower donors:

Kroger Stores: Holiday Manor, Hubbards Lane, Clifton, Goss Avenue, Poplar Level Road, Stony Brook, Summit, Middletown, Dixie Highway, Terry Road, and Tyler Center
In Bloom Again
Arch L. Heady-Cralle Funeral Home
Arch L. Heady-Westport Rd. Funeral Home
Arch L. Heady-Resthaven Bardstown Road
Heady-Hardy Funeral Home
Highlands Funeral Home
Newcomer Funeral Home/Dixie Highway
Newcomer Funeral Home/Juneau Drive
Owen Funeral Home – Dixie Highway
Owen Funeral Home – Taylorsville Road
Pearson Funeral Home – Breckenridge Lane
Ratterman Funeral Home/Middletown
Ratterman Funeral Home/Lexington Road
Ratterman Funeral Home/Bardstown Road
Ratterman Funeral Home/Taylorsville Road

If you are interested in becoming a flower donor, contact us at 502-432-2348 or email theflowerbuds@yahoo.com.