The Flower Buds periodically receive notes of thanks from those helped by our flowers.

“The Flower Buds donate beautiful floral arrangements that brighten our home!”
Hildegard House

“Please accept this note as special thanks for the generous sharing of your time, talents, and efforts in the city of Louisville, which in turn touches lives across the Commonwealth and beyond.  Blessings on all of your future endeavors as The Flower Buds.”
– The Keith Family (Hospice Patient Relative)

“It’s amazing how something as simple as a vase of flowers can help  make a difficult time so special.  I know you didn’t know this, but all the flowers were ones my mom loved!  Thank you for making her last days special. ”
-Hospice Patient Relative

“Without your support, we could not provide for the smaller niceties that make hospitalization more bearable.”
– VA Medical Center

“I was so impressed with the volunteer efforts to make a terrible time in lives of others to be a more bearable experience.”
– Hospice Patient Relative

“What a beautiful reminder of the good things in life.”
-Hospice Nurse

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for your donation of three planters of fresh flowers to the Little Sisters of the Poor.   We have a “full house” and are ever so grateful for all the care and love we are able to give our Residents because of generous donations like yours.”
-Sr. Bernard, l.s.p.